Pros & Cons of Being a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be a great career choice but like every career, it has its pros and cons. Within this blog, we’ll go over the pros and cons of being a personal trainer to help give you all the information you need about being a personal trainer.

Pros of becoming a personal trainer 

Freedom & Flexibility

Becoming a PT can give you a lot of freedom and flexibility, especially if you become a freelance PT. Once you have the right personal training qualifications you can hit the ground running and create the PT business you want. From deciding how you will brand your business, setting working hours and what your niche will be, these are all your own decisions to make!

Opportunities for Growth

Through word of mouth and excellent marketing, you can grow your business to any level you want to, whether you want to be just a freelance PT doing 1-1 sessions or grow a company with a number of PTs the choice is up to you!

With digital marketing being more accessible than ever, such as social media, you can easily get your business out there and make sure people know about it. You can use marketing to be known locally as well as nationally depending on your target audience and business goals. If you need help growing a PT business you can always check out our PT Mentorship Programme, ideal for any PT who wants to learn how to scale their business.

Great Pay

With the growth of your business also comes the growth of how much you can earn, being a personal trainer can be a very profitable business where you earn a living whilst doing what you love! As mentioned above, the growth of your business is down to you and where you would like it to go, whether you are looking to take home a good salary every month or grow a business that delivers increased profits each year!

Very Social

Won’t be a quiet moment when entering the personal training industry, if you love being social and getting to know people then this is the career for you. From group classes to one-on-one PT sessions you’ll always be interacting with people.

Career Fulfilment 

Being a PT can be a very rewarding career if you love to help people. Usually, PT clients just want to get their fitness goals back on track and be happy with their fitness and body. As a personal trainer, you get to help them with their fitness journey and push them to hit their goals which is a very rewarding process.

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Cons of becoming a personal trainer

Marketing yourself to bring in clients

Getting your PT business out there might not be as straightforward as you think, it’s not a direct path to success, you need to go through trial and error before you get anywhere. Marketing yourself and your business to potential clients may be easier said than done especially if you’re starting from square one, you’re marketing yourself to others and that might be quite difficult for some.

The income is not guaranteed

Clients come and go, sometimes they find different PTs or just don’t require one any longer, it’s, unfortunately, something that is very much out of your control. It can sometimes take years to build up a reliable client list that gives you a guaranteed income each month.

Focus on multiple things

Becoming a PT and growing your business is not a walk in the park, being focused and organised are key components when it comes to getting the best out of your business as they’ll be many hurdles you need to get yourself over. Planning out sessions, calls with clients and even the financial side of things, except for holidays, you’ll always have to be on the ball.

Risk of injury

As with any physical job, there can always be a risk of injury. When you are putting 100% both physically and mentally with every client you can sometimes overwork your body leading to injuries. An injury can be very detrimental as a PT as you need to be physically able to help and show clients different workouts. It is important you look after your body as a PT and know when you just need a rest!

Difficult Clients

Not all clients you work with will be dream clients, some can be hard to work with and may have unrealistic goals making it very hard to please them no matter how hard you try. Difficult clients can sometimes make you second guess your business and also negatively affect it by leaving bad reviews but you should not take this to heart, business can be hard sometimes and you have just to brush yourself off and give a great service to a new client.

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