A new wave of Personal Training qualifications

The world as we know it is changing rapidly and more of our work, education and social interactions are completed using phones, tablets and laptops. If you’re wanting to enter the fitness industry in the present day climate, there is a constant conundrum about whether to get qualified as a personal trainer (PT) and complete your qualification in the traditional education setting – sat in front of the tutor, having them taking you through a lesson on a given topic area – or, choosing the online method where you complete the course using an e-learning platform, with digital learning features and webinars, for example. And just to throw another cat amongst the pigeons, how can you be sure you’ll be able to utilise your qualification and make a success from your studies; what kind of support am I going to receive? It’s a tough choice, no doubt.

But, hold on just a tick.

What if you didn’t need to choose? What if it was all in one package? What if the traditional classroom came to you, just in a slightly different form? What if there was a new wave of education which combines the traditional classroom, modern technology catering for all learning needs and has incredible social support, guidance and business mentorship which has previously been missing from the current landscape which is personal training education?

That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? – you’re still able to have access to tutor lead lessons, you’re still able to talk to your tutor about course topics and you’re still able to have 1-1 time with your tutor to help you with building your fitness business and making a successful career from the fitness industry. Combine this with state of the art online learning material, quizzes, knowledge checks, done-for-you templates, webinar lessons and specific PT business mentorship to help you with you identifying your target market, uncovering the perfect services to meet your client needs and essentially help you set-up your fitness business, safe in the knowledge you’re being assisted by someone who has experience in setting up their own business and can save you making mistakes, which could cost you considerable amounts of time and money.

I think you’ll agree, that does sound pretty cool, doesn’t it?

This holistic method of a hybrid / blended learning approach, combined with next level support, guidance and mentorship will create an unforgettable and valuable experience for you, the learner.

There’s now a want from clients, customers, consumers and learners alike to have anything they purchase, whether that’s a material product or a qualification, to be a real experience. Here’s an industry example – you walk into a Lululemon shop (a well known leisure clothing brand) and you’re politely greeted by a team member and the shop smells absolutely divine, like a sweet oak with a hint of rosemary. The clothing is nicely arranged and is of fantastic quality; someone will probably ask you if you needed any help with sizing etc. You browse, pay for your item(s) and given the option to be sent your receipt by email (or the traditional paper version) and you’re given a quaint material bag to take your items home in and to reuse. So why go to all this effort when other brands don’t bother to make their shop smell amazing?; they don’t bother asking you if you need some help, they don’t bother to give you a luxury bag to whisk your items home in.

Come on Lulu, what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. Apart from you get what you pay for. You get excellent customer service and a fantastically made product which lasts much much longer. In exchange, you pay more for your items (probably about a third more than you would expect to pay). Whereas other brands won’t give you the quality of service, the clothes aren’t as nice and wont last as long. However, their prices are lower, simple.

It’s exactly the same with fitness qualifications; go for the cheaper option and you’re likely to be left feeling a little, empty; and let’s face it, no one wants to feel like that, especially if you’ve forked out a good amount of money for a course. You want to be feeling enriched, full of knowledge, energy and enthusiasm for fitness and your impending success in the industry. You want to feel like you’ve got someone to speak to, someone that you know and trust on a personal level. You want to know you’re being looked after. You want to feel like you’ve got amazing value for money, even if the initial cost was higher. Because, you know that it’s worth the small investment in the long run.

At SUMMIT, our sole aim is to provide this valuable experience to you, with the end goal for you to go into the fitness industry bursting with confidence. If you’d like to find out more about what we offer, get in touch or visit our website www.summitfitnesssolutions.com.

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