Top 3 reasons why people want a Personal Trainer (PT)

In the last few decades, more specifically in the last few years, interest in physical fitness has exploded, worldwide. More people are joining gyms and exercising at home using video workout routines than every before. Until recently, however, only celebrities and the wealthy used personal trainers. Now, this has all changed. Personal Training is much more affordable and rapidly becoming the ‘norm’; lots of people are choosing to hire a PT to assist with exercise, staying fit, healthy, sleeping better, having more energy, reducing stress and improving their quality of life. Rising levels of disposable income has resulted in people utilising this spare cash by employing those with more knowledge to train them personally, and keep them motivated to stay active.

After completing thousands of sessions with clients, I ask my clients regularly, ‘why do you need a PT?’. My clients respond with varying answers, depending on the individual and their situation. These were the top 3 answers:


“Keep going’, ‘you can do it’, 5 more reps’; motivation is a massive pull for people using a PT. Sometimes, it’s just better to have someone there to motivate you, keep you on your toes, not let you slack, to keep the intensity high. PT’s are experienced in noticing subtle cues in people, and know exactly how to ‘push your buttons’. Personally, I much prefer to workout with someone. It just makes things easier when there’s someone else there to cast an eye, even just for a little added motivation. What about, To make sure I’m ‘doing it right’, ensure my ‘technique/form is good’ or to ‘make sure I’m not going to hurt myself’. In a nutshell, proper form ensures you’re getting the most out of your exercise. A good PT will demonstrate and reinforce correct form and always reminds you of the best way to do things.


The second most expressed reason for having a PT is not thinking. Seems odd, but a good PT will plan every single session before-hand which is specific to the goals, wants and needs of the individual. I’ve heard it so many times; ‘it’s great having you here Tom, I just need to turn up and workout’, and that’s exactly it; no thinking about it, just do it. Easy, right? Well, for example, Julie (41, stay at home mum of 3 who is a little overweight) will need a vastly different session to John (28, IT engineer who regularly runs half marathons), and thus will need varying levels of form correction and motivation as in point 3. However, both will turn up expecting a fantastic workout which runs like clockwork. A good PT will ensure that happens, every single time.


If you’ve got a goal (for example, commonly weight/fat loss), it can be really tough to do it on your own at times. Often, things seem impossible to achieve. All you need a little support, and with that comes someone to make you accountable for your actions. Like, not turning up to the gym and doing a great workout (no excuse, at all), or overindulging in chocolate biscuits on your lunch in work. We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it, but if you’ve got a goal you want to achieve, and a plan to do it, a good PT will do their upmost to encourage firstly, and make you aware of your actions both positive and negative, and how they’re contributing in pursuit of your goal. Is this next few months going to be the same for you? Or, do you want to change something? Why not change your life for the better? Start with getting a good Personal Trainer.

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